Windmill area renovations

Old Windmill Aruba
Classic Dutch Windmill in Aruba

The metamorphosis that is ongoing at Palm Beach continues full speed. Despite the expected economic slowdown worldwide, construction is ongoing strong Palm Beach, with special concentration around the high rise resorts Radisson Aruba and Playa Linda.

Palm Beach Plaza and iVillage are going to be the next shopping mall projects to be delivered in the coming months, while South Beach Centre is going to follow soon. South Beach is going to host high profile Hard Café Aruba, additionally there is a Segafredo franchise opening there as well. More pictures after the jump.

At Palm Beach there is an Old Windmill, where small timeshare resort The Mill Resort is located. The Westin Aruba is near that area as well. There is some retail at that location but was heavily neglected. That was until recently. Renovations have just started to fix the presentation (front view) of that area. If this trend continues at Palm Beach, soon a full corridor of retail, restaurants, leisure, culture and art is born. Palm Beach Boulevard perhaps?

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