Update: Coral Pyramid Apartments

17 Jul 2009 comments (4) · leave comment 108 words

Coral Pyramid
Coral Pyramid update

The construction of a new concept of city apartments in Aruba has been ongoing for some months now. After the construction efforts have seemingly slowed down, now it seems like the efforts seems have picked up again.

This unique project is located near the down town Oranjestad, on the main road from Aruba’s capital to the airport. It has only 5 floors and are all water front as Klip beach area is across the road.

The oddly shaped structure has reached the next phase. Major concrete pouring is finished and workers are now working on the details. High-end materials are used, which suggest high-end unit prices as well.

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  1. Danny says:

    I thought that you were only allowed to build max 2 stories on the stretch….
    How was this changed?

    Keep up the good work on this site.

    • Gabriel says:

      There’s a lot of unnecessary confusion about the building code. One thing’s for sure, the code is pretty restrictive. However, it allows officials/politicians to make exceptions to the rule and that’s where the confusion starts. At the high rise (not higher than Westin, Aruba’s highest building) and low rise (not more than 5 floors) area there are certain rules. Near the capital where Coral Pyramid is currently being build other rules apply. Thanks for the compliment Danny.

  2. Anthony says:

    Hey Gabriel,
    Still checking your site every day. It has grown a lot since i first stumbled uppon it.
    Here is a link i just found of some upcomming new projects in Aruba.

    Keep up the good work.

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