How About Sharks In Aruba

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A question I receive frequently when I talk to tourists is about sharks in Aruba. The most popular story tourists hear is that locals feed the sharks on the opposite side of the island; this way somehow it will prevent sharks from going near the hotels. Please put that story in the column of “old wife’s tale”.

That being said, another common misconception is that Aruba doesn’t have sharks. Fact is that in the water surrounding this island there is a divers and vibrant underwater sea life. However, it’s uncommon to receive big numbers of visitors such as sharks, dolphins or jellyfish to mention a few.

Bullshark [image Wikipedia]

A couple of locals caught a massive 224 (102 kg) pound bull shark recently. They did it the hard way, with a line. Apparently they caught the shark by throwing a line sitting on the edge of the rugged northeastern coast and reeling it in. I’m not sure under what circumstances but I would assume they threw feed/bait into the water to attract the shark. They caught this shark late at night.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Gabriel, Together with the online newspapers i read your link on a daily basis allways checking for newly updates. Thanks for the great work. It’s a great way for visitors and Arubians overseas to keep the Aruba feeling alive. Keep up the great work.

    p.s the Aruba tourist Authority should hire you for your promo. work for Aruba!!

  2. Diane Casey says:

    I love getting your updates. Thank you and keep them coming.

  3. Hank R says:

    Please give it up, this is terrible. I became dumber by reading this.

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