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Updated September 2012

Condo developments continue throughout Aruba, most notably near at Eagle Beach and Palm Beach. Oceania Residences has been receiving most of the attention due to it being the first and biggest condo project at the time to completely finish construction. If you are considering buying a condo have a look at the wide range of options currently available. It is noteworthy that there are a few gems you should consider if you are in the market for a unit.

A complete list with condos at Eagle Beach from north to south

  1. The Cliff Condominium – Status: never materialized. Development has become Blue Residence Club, which is full ahead. Construction is ongoing even in the weekends. Projected delivery date: Phase 1 delivered. Phase 2 and Phase 3 are currently under construction. Phase 4 is another project by the same developer named Azure Aruba.
  2. Oasis Luxury Condo – Status: after a long construction period, developement was delivered in at the end of 2011. Condos available in re-sale only.
  3. Oceania Condo – Status: delivered. Condos available in re-sale only, prices starting at $500,000.
  4. The Sands – Status: unknown. No construction effort visible.
  5. Aruba Breeze – Status: delivered. A few condos available from developer, prices starting at $299,000. (Formerly known as Pearl Condo).
  6. Jardines del Mar – Status: fully finished condo project. A few years ago development went into auction. Many condos available in re-sale.
  7. Sunset Residence – Status: delivered. Small condo project near hospital area. Construction of condo was delivery ahead of schedule which to this day is a record for Aruba. Condos available in re-sale only.
  8. Divi Residences – Status: in the midst of construction. Condos for sale.

What’s good? A list

  • Best detail, finish and material: Aruba Breeze Condominium
  • Location in relation to Eagle Beach: Oceania Condo.
  • Ambience, privacy and noise: Aruba Breeze Condominium.
  • Overall staying experience: see TripAdvisor.
  • Most complete facilities: Divi Residences & Divi Links.

Another “abandoned” development was The Sands at Eagle Beach. Reportedly the development has been acquired in 2014. Currently, early 2015, no visible progression has been detected.


A few years has gone by since the first condos rose at Eagle Beach, some conclusions can be drawn.

  • Pre-construction pricing, is this the right course of action when considering buying in Aruba? It’s a though call. Most construction in Aruba tend to run into delays (notable exceptions Oceania and Sunset Residence), sometimes considerably, which in turn makes buyers very nervous. It can be argued that the discounts received from pre-construction prices could be better invested elsewhere, rather than have it locked for years in a pre-construction purchase.
  • Find out how a project is financed. Do they have funding to finish the project or do they rely on pre-sale to continue construction?
  • Material quality choice. Does it matter? Yes, indeed. Perhaps when buying a condo this is not a factor, however, when it’s time to re-sell your this may be the most important factor which can help get your property sold.
  • Condo’s are here to stay, that’s a given. New projects to be announced in the coming months.

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