Tropical Storm Danny

After Hurricane Bill now Tropical Storm Danny seems to be threatening the east coast of the US. According to calculations of National Hurricane Center (NHC) this storm might make landfall somewhere in Canada. Interests in north east US and Canada should remain vigilant. Tropical Storm Danny isn’t expected to reach category 1 status.

Tropical Storm Danny isn’t forming any threat to the Caribbean and Aruba. Meanwhile, there is another system forming in the Atlantic Ocean (marked orange in above image). NHC writes that the environmental conditions appears to be favorable for this system to form into a storm in the coming days.

Tropical Storm Danny
Tropical Storm Danny moving away, another system forming

Hurricane Season 2009 has had a slow start, but within a time span of only two weeks the fourth named storm has formed. The ocean water is warm, thus favorable for more systems to grow. As always, as Caribbean islanders, we remain alert for these systems.

Another Caribbean Storm

Current Weather System Caribbean
Another system forming far away from Aruba (circled in green) [image by NOAA]

Hurricane Bill formed last week and it missed populated areas. Briefly it threatened the island of Bermuda and the north east shores of the US and Canada. Some areas had to cope with massive surf.

Currently there’s another system brewing in the Caribbean. According the National Hurricane Center this system has 50% chance of becoming a tropical storm and The Bahamas should monitor this system carefully.

Meanwhile in Aruba the weather is pretty good. Last Sunday was cloudy for the better part of the day and it rained considerably. A tropical wave – not to be confused with a tropical storm – was to blame. The rest of the week should be pretty good.

Update: Hurricane Bill

Hurricane Bill far from Aruba
Hurricane Bill poses no threat to Aruba (circled in red) [image by NOAA]

Tropical storms Ana and Claudette aren’t a threat anymore. For now. From what I understand it dumped a considerable amount of rain, but no major damage is reported. Meanwhile Tropical storm Bill has been upgrade to a category two hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Hurricane Bill is a dangerous hurricane with sustained winds of nearly 160 kph (100 mph) according to the National Hurricane Center. If Bill continues on its current path, it’s not expected to threaten the Caribbean islands. However, the island of Bermuda has to be vigilant with this storm for the coming days.

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Storms Approaching Caribbean

Ana and Bill Tropical Storms
Two storms heading for the Caribbean, neither expected to move near Aruba [image NOAA]

Hurricane season is well under way and thus far it has been very quiet. Until now. Two storms have formed in the Atlantic and are heading towards the islands in the eastern Caribbean.

Due to tropical storm Ana, the government of the Netherlands Antilles has issued a tropical storm watch for St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba. Additionally, National Hurricane Center has advised authorities of Puerto Rico to monitor this storm closely as well. Storm Ana isn’t expected to affect Aruba.

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Latest: Eastern Storms Forming

Current System Near Aruba
Two systems in Eastern Caribbean [image by NOAA]

When I was doing my “daily route” on the website of National Hurricane Center (NHC) I saw above image on the front page. At this hour the advisory of the NHC is a low – below 30% – possibility of tropical storm formation within the next 48 hours.

The NHC advisory states that there are chances of local storms and wind gusts over the windward island for the coming hours. On a related note, further east in the Atlantic there’s another system forming and has just became Tropical Depression Number Two. That one is not expected to pass in the Southern Caribbean and cause disruption in normal Aruba weather.

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Some Rain Last Few Days

System in the east
Weather system in eastern Caribbean [image by National Hurricane Center]

Hurricane season is well underway and it’s been very soft thus far. There isn’t anything to report in the Caribbean. Above image shows a system in the border Caribbean Sea/Atlantic Ocean, however that system has less than 30% chance to form into something significant, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Meanwhile we’ve been getting some rain the last few days in Aruba. Nothing spectacular, but still enough to comment  about. I think it’s started almost two weeks ago with sporadic rain showers. Apparently there a tropical wave in the vicinity disrupting the regular weather. Again, nothing spectacular.

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Atlantinc Hurricane Season Starts Today

The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially starts today. With “officially”, off course I mean the period of year where experts see an increase in climatological activity in the Atlantic Basin.

For the good order, I would like to emphasize that Aruba doesn’t have a record of hurricane related storms. This island is located outside the typical hurricane areas. However, our simple presence in the Caribbean makes us a target – an unlikely target at that.

National Hurricane Center
Hurricane Czar: National Hurricane Center [image by NHC]

I’ve written many posts about storms in the past and will continue to do so whenever there’s one in our broad area. If you would like to know what happened in the past, please feel free browse through the history of this site by clicking on the “weather” or “hurricanes” links.