Crazy Wet September

In the midst of hurricane season Aruba was surprised by a pouring rain. Huge amounts of rain fell. On a consistent basis and without exaggerating, it certainly rained for almost four weeks.

High pressure systems kept the clouds hovering over Aruba making it impossible for the rain to pass. As a consequence our typical trade winds of 20 miles per hour average were decimated to a laughable breeze, making the humidity ridiculous.

Flooded Roads
Roads under water, Oranjestad

As you can image tourists were angry, to say the least. “I thought it never rains in Aruba!” was commonly heard. I’ve expressed my pet peeve about this phrase in the past (I don’t think we should “sell” Aruba this way). Aruba is dry, but when it rains it pours.

Last Minute: Storm Approaching Aruba

The weather in Aruba has been very unstable the last few days. There’s no wind (as opposed to the average 20 MPH trade winds), the sea level has been higher than usual and we’ve been receiving much more rain than usual.

According to reports from National Hurricane Center in Miami a storm is approaching the islands. According to media reports neighboring islands have received a substantial amount of rain in the last few hours. Aruba can expect similar circumstances.

Storm approaching Aruba (red circle) [image by Stormpulse]

The system is about 250 miles away from Aruba and it has 50% chance into becoming Tropical Storm Matthew. Meanwhile some people started to engage in nervous grocery purchase (hoarders), which I find exaggerated and premature. If there something to report, I will keep you updated on via my mobile phone, on the fly.

Update: It was cloudy all day long. In the morning time it was dry, without wind. In the afternoon it rained for some time. At the end reports of heavy rain and wind gusts were inaccurate.

Pics: Tornado Seen Aruba Weather

The last few days Aruba weather has been particularly unstable. There’s been a lot of thunder and lightning. Sometimes without any rain. In other moments it stormed quickly on one side of the island, while on other parts the island remained dry.

Although there wasn’t any tropical cyclone activity near Aruba during this ongoing hurricane season, we had to endure a couple of days with heavy rain. Last weekend was particularly wet and there were some floods in the typical low lying areas and erosion of dirt roads.

Weather System
I took this picture this morning of a tornado-like system near Malmok Beach

Just a few hours ago I was at Malmok Beach when a weird tornado-like system started. It lasted only a few minutes but I was lucky enough to catch with my mobile phone camera. That thing was awesome. I’ve never really seen one form this nearby. I could see how it was twirling and how it was sucking the water up. As quickly as it started it disappeared as well. It caused no damage.

Expect the weather to remain unstable for the next few days.

Weather System
I took this picture this morning of a tornado-like system near Malmok Beach

Tropical Wave Forming Near Aruba

Last week I noticed a weather system forming in the southern areas of the Atlantic Ocean but it didn’t form into an organized system. It dessolved but the pressure system continued. This was noticeable in Aruba with the unusually cloudy environment and rainy days.

This system continued westward and regained strength and now has organized into a “Tropical Cyclone Formation”. National Hurricane Center expects this system to bring thunderstorms and showers in the selected areas (orange area in the image below). Currently there is a 30% chance for it to form into a “Tropical Cyclone”. Expect rain in Aruba for the next 48 hours.

Weather system forming near Aruba [image by NHC]

Our visitors get cranky when it rains, which is normal. Don’t let this ruin your vacation though. Just keep enjoying it as there are a lot of things you could do when it’s raining. Last year I made a list with Aruba activities, check it out and maybe you can find one that suits you.

Update: Last night it poured heavily, it even woke me up at night. Right now it’s morning and the sun is shining. The latest update shows that the system is moving away from Aruba and the chances for it to grow into a more serious storm has increased to 50% according to the Hurricane Center in Miami.

Hurricane Season Underway

As hurricane season is underway I notice how the traffic is spiking on information regarding hurricanes and Aruba. People have the tendency to get nervous as their travel time to Aruba is approaching and just wonder about hurricanes.

Thus far hurricane season seems to be relatively calm. Then again, it’s just starting. The best source for news about Aruba storms – apart from this site off course – is the National Hurricane Center. They offer up to date news about all storms.

Tropical Storm Omar Rain
Flooding in Oranjestad from a storm in October 2008

It’s been about two years that Aruba truly had to deal with rainfall from storms, as you can see in above photograph. It’s been six years since Aruba truly had a hurricane scare when hurricane Ivan passed 180 miles northeast of Aruba as a Category 4 hurricane, on its way to a Category 5 hurricane. I’ve written extensively about storms in the past, just use the search box or follow the tag “tropical storms” to read more about it. Aruba

Hurricane Season Starts Today

It’s official, today 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season starts. It will last through November 30th. Aruba is not in the common hurricane paths, however, we are in the Greater Caribbean, thus in the “area”.

Last year was very calm with just a few named storms and relatively little damage. According to some experts this year may become a more active season than last year.

Hurricane Center
No activity currently [image by Hurricane Center]

I’ve written in details about this weather phenomenon throughout the years. In fact the reason this site started was because of the storms and hurricanes threatening this island. There was a massive shortage of up to date information on the web and here is where I jumped in. Three later I still will update you in case any storm nears this island.

Above Average Hurricane Season In 2010

Tropical Storm Omar Rain
Tropical Storm Omar brought some rain in 2008 in Oranjestad

Last year was one of the calmest hurricane seasons in recent memory. With only three hurricanes and 9 named storms, 2009 is considered to be one of the softest years recently. Experts predict an above average 2010 Hurricane Season, however. It starts in July.

Dr. Gray from Colorado University is a renown expert in this field. His predictions are to be reckoned with. Most of the time he is fairly accurate with his predictions, however, last year he missed the boat terribly. If you would like to have more details of his predictions download the PDF file with his findings. The report was published in December of 2009. The predictions for this year are between 6 and 8 hurricanes.

Until this day one of the most searched topics on this website are about Aruba hurricanes. If you wonder what happened in recent years in Aruba, I would like to invite you to browse around this website and read all about it by using the search bar in the upper right corner, click on the #hurricanes tag or read the Archives.

Needless to say we are very happy when the season is calm and boring, especially for the islands in the more typical paths of hurricanes.