Divi Resorts Restructuring

Dutch Village at Druif Beach
Divi Resorts property (only the building, not the beach)

Divi Resorts recently announced it was cutting a limited amount of 21 positions across its resorts in Aruba. Divi has taken this measure to arm itself against the expected drop in visitor numbers, according to the resort group.

Several other resorts have decided to follow a similar path in order cope with the expected decrease in revenue. This is unprecedented in Aruba’s hospitality industry, where in the past the standard procedure was to ask workers to take unpaid leave and vacations.

On the other side, there seems to be enough activity and investments elsewhere on the island to eventually absorb the people who have become obsolete. On this website I have written about several new projects that are opening, and that are in the pipeline. A nice example is Aruba Marriott which continuously is looking for new staff.

Aruba Divi Phoenix Announce Opening

Divi Phoenix Aruba
Divi Phoenix with construction behind the tall tower

Divi Phoenix timeshare resort announced the opening of the expansion project. Guests are already finding their way to this brand new addition to Divi’s existing timeshare tower. Construction has been ongoing for over two years and the contours of the finished product are becoming visible.

The general manager of Divi Phoenix is announced several other goodies to the timeshare resort such a restaurant and spa. I believe this is an excellent addition to the resort.

Divi Phoenix is Divi’s only time share resort at Palm Beach. It is a full service resort and is becoming a major player at Palm Beach. Click for more information on Divi Phoenix or the expansion.

Divi Residences Golf Community

Divi Links
Divi Residences

For the last few years Divi Resorts have been very busy in consolidating its position as a major player in the local hospitality industry, as it has been expanding regionally as well. Major investments in Aruba include the construction of 9-hole golf course The Links and the construction of condo village The Residences.

Divi Resorts dominates the scene in the low rise area, especially on of Aruba’s best beaches, Druif Beach. With Divi All Inclusive, Tamarijn All Inclusive, Divi Dutch Village, Divi Village & Golf Beach Resort and now with The Residences condos.

Above and below pictures show an impression on how the community is shaping out. Below is the Club House of sorts, with two very good restaurants, Windows on Aruba and Mulligan’s. A very impressive collection of properties indeed, especially considering that this is a local company. Condo’s at The Residences start at $350,000.

Divi Links
Club House, with two restaurants: Windows on Aruba and Mulligan’s

New Pictures: Latest on Divi Phoenix Construction

Divi Phoenix Expansion
Divi Phoenix expansion is progressing

One of the major expansions currently ongoing at Palm Beach is at Divi Phoenix time share complex. Since the last time I wrote about this project the construction efforts continued nicely. Building number 1 (not pictured above) is practically finished on the outside. Buildings 2, 3 and 4 are also progressing nicely.

This is a major expansion for local parent company Divi Resorts. I don’t see this project to finish this year, at least not completely. But you know how it works in the hospitality industry. As soon as the first phase of the expansion is ready you can expect people to start arriving there. More pictures after the jump.

There is another transformation ongoing at the piece of Palm Beach near Divi Phoenix, as the first beach park at Palm Beach is currently under construction. This beach park will feature amenities for all which are normally only reserved to hotel guests. Meanwhile, below there more pictures of the current situation at Divi Phoenix. You could compare above pictures with the ones I shot back in April of this year and October of last year.

Divi Phoenix Construction
Side view of Divi Phoenix expansion

Divi Phoenix Construction
Side view of Divi Phoenix expansion

Divi Phoenix Expansion
Side view of Divi Phoenix expansion

Divi Phoenix Construction Ongoing

Divi Phoenix Aruba
Divi Phoenix Aruba expansion

Divi Phoenix timeshare expansion project is full speed ahead. The whole property includes a main tower and  adjacent, there are four additional – smaller – towers currently under construction.

Last month I inquired with Divi how far the expansion is currently and they couldn’t give me a definitive answer other than “something like 25% finished”. I’m not sure how reliable that figure is, as the person I had on the phone didn’t sound very convincing.

Of the four new towers, the one closest to the main existing building is the one that has the best progress. If the figure of 25% is correct, it means that the inside is still very empty and the finishing phase of piping, tubing and electrical isn’t significant.

In above picture Divi Phoenix is shot from the beach south of the resort with on the left the fourth tower which is the one that is least completed.

Divi Phoenix Update

Divi Phoenix Aruba Construction

Continuing on last week’s series of post about current construction at Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, today I’m writing an update on Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort timeshare expansion. The construction has been ongoing for months now.

Divi has been using a different method of building. Local inspectors weren’t too sure about approving construction due to the unfamiliarity with the methods. Therefore they’ve asked Divi for some additional information on the material and building methods. For Aruba standards it surely is unusual. Aruba’s building code is very strict in regards to being able to handle storms and earthquakes, despite the lack of history with any major activity of either. More pictures after the jump.

The common method of constructing in Aruba is by using a lot of concrete (poured or in blocks) and wooden frames for the roof. Roof tiles are the most common type of roof top used at the resorts.

An example of a concrete resort building in the area of Palm Beach is Riu Palace. This, June, 2007 inaugurated high rise all inclusive resort at Palm Beach, used truck loads of concrete during the construction.

Apparently, Divi’s engineers seem to think that they have found a better, more efficient way to build.

Let me try to explain, as I see it in the above pictures. Seemingly the whole construction is sitting on steel beams, which in turn are attached on a concrete foundation. The building is covered by metal framing where afterwards sheetrock is going to be attached to the framing. On top of the sheetrock I’m assuming a layer of cement (plaster?) is going up as the walls. Lastly the flooring must be concrete as this will add the final touch in order to stabilize the whole building.

Then again, I’m no engineer and I’m sure lots of smart people thought really well about the construction. They obtained all the necessary approvals, which mean everything is good.

I’m wondering if indeed Divi saved money using this building method, as concrete tends to be the cheapest building material available in Aruba.

Regardless of being different for Aruba standards, the construction is coming along nicely. One tower already has the wall up and is being painted. The others are following.

Divi Phoenix Aruba Construction

Divi Phoenix Aruba Construction

Divi Phoenix Aruba Construction

Divi Phoenix Aruba Construction

Current Construction Roundup

Today I drove around the hotel area, as I do almost every day, and saw a lot of movement at different construction projects.

For the next couple of days I’m going to bring you up to date on the construction efforts of the following projects:

If another project grabs my attention while in that area I will post about it as well. I’m going to arm myself with a camera to take many shots in the coming days.

Stay tuned for the posts.