Pictures: Tour Around Divi Phoenix

New Divi Phoenix
New at Divi Phoenix: purebeach restaurant

Recently we had the opportunity to walk around the newly opened section of Divi Phoenix’ new timeshare towers. Divi Resorts did a terrific job and delivered a pretty impressive structure at Palm Beach.

Especially the new lounge/restaurant “purebeach” is impressive. The atmosphere created at purebeach is spectacular and the view there is awesome, not to mention the sunset.

The only concern we have is that the pool appears to be a bit on the small size for all the rooms which are scheduled to be delivered. Beware that the construction is still not finished and some sections are currently being taken care off. Enjoy below pictures.

New Divi Phoenix
Nice new pool area

New Divi Phoenix
Nice new pool area

New Divi Phoenix
View from Divi Phoenix over Palm Beach

New Divi Phoenix
Nice new pool area

New Divi Phoenix
Nice new pool area

New Divi Phoenix
Nice new pool area

New Divi Phoenix
Nice details around the construction

New Divi Phoenix
Nice new pool area

New Divi Phoenix
New parking area Divi Phoenix

Delivered: Divi Phoenix New Timeshare Tower Opens

Divi Phoenix Construction Update
Divi Phoenix Aruba

Divi Phoenix Aruba has welcomed the first guests in its newly opened timeshare tower at Palm Beach. The new timeshare development consists of four towers adjacent to already existing tower.

There is still work ongoing on the new towers, especially the most western tower. Work is also ongoing on the parking area which is also almost finished. To celebrate the opening, Divi Phoenix is giving discounts. Starting at only $125 per night you can experience the new rooms.

Divi Corporation is a local developer with an extensive portfolio of properties in Aruba and other Caribbean islands. Despite a soft economy Divi continues to execute expansions plans as scheduled. Construction of The Residences golf condos and renovations of Divi All Inclusive are two examples.

Update: Divi’s The Residences Construction

Divi Residences Aruba
Divi’s The Residences reaching final stages in construction of phase 1

As the sale of condos continue to be under pressure, according to some in the market in Aruba, most major developments continue as scheduled. I fundamentally believe that those developers who are able to continue to build during this time of soft economic growth, will come out strongly when the economy start to pick up again. What impresses potential client more? Showing a unit physically or talking about it and showing brochures with plans?

The Residences is such a development that is moving along nicely. It’s very well funded and the construction continues to move ahead swiftly. The first phase is almost finished and costumers are almost able to pick up the keys of their units. More pictures after the jump.
The contours of the other phases is clearly visible in below pictures. The condos fit very well in the master planned community of Divi properties near Druif Beach. A very diverse portfolio of businesses such as a golf course with pro-shop, all-inclusive resort, casino and now condos. Follow the link for more information about The Residences.

Divi Residences Aruba
Another angle at The Residences golf condos

Hot – Cold Developments Right Now

La Cabana Resort Renovations
La Cabana renovations ongoing

Construction at several announced projects continues to progress as scheduled, while other projects has slowed down considerably or even stopped completely. Following a quick list with the hot – ongoing – projects and the cold – slowed or stopped – projects. Keep in mind that this is a snap shot of the situation as of today



  • The Sands (condo)
  • The Cliff (condo – site of the air)
  • Trupiaal Residences (master planned community)
  • The Aruban Resort (low rise timeshare resort)

Bonus: Recently Finished

Update: Added more projects and descriptions.

Pictures: Divi Phoenix’s Beach

Divi Phoenix beach
Divi Phoenix Palm Beach

Last week it was brought to my attention about the condition of a piece of Palm Beach (Thanks, Kevin). At Divi Phoenix to be exact. Some people have complained about seaweed that’s supposed to be laying around there.

What I’ve noticed is the typical beach-altered-by-human problems. First of all the water wasn’t clear, although that probably had to do with the change in currents in the last 10 days or so. The same change in currents brought a massive amount of seaweed with it. Since, the Phoenix crew appeared to have been trying to clean it up.

You know what I’ve noticed? Where ever beaches are altered, even slightly, it almost never regains its natural consistency as a natural beach. This despite the fact that they use all natural materials. Divi Phoenix’ luck is that a good piece of beach is just a few steps away. Problems with altered beaches are notoriously present around Hadicurari (Marriott’s beach), Renaissance Ocean Suites and now Divi Phoenix.

Palm Beach by Divi Phoenix
A rock pier by Divi Phoenix

Palm Beach by Divi Phoenix
Water not clear

Beach Clean-up
Beach clean-up at Divi Phoenix

Latest: Divi Phoenix Expansion

Divi Phoenix Construction Update
Divi Phoenix front

Vacation ownership resort Divi Phoenix Aruba is in the final stages of its expansion project. Current structure is expanding with the addition of four smaller towers, adding rooms to Divi Resorts steadily growing business interests in Aruba.

In a broader perspective, this construction closes the physical gap between Divi Phoenix and Westin, with a nice park in the middle, at Palm Beach. Now Divi Phoenix “belongs” to the big name chain of high rise Palm Beach resorts. A few more months and it will be fully operational.

The company behind this project is Divi Resorts. For Aruba standards this company is vastly becoming a powerhouse in the hospitality industry. It owns Tamarijn, Divi Village, Divi Links Golf and Alhambra Casino to mention a few. What’s next? Condos. Divi Residences.

Divi Phoenix Parking
Freshly planted palms and bricks, with Westin in the back

Divi Phoenix North Side
Divi Phoenix, facing Westin

Construction of Condos, Retail Spaces Continues

Playa Linda
Renovations ongoing, such as at Playa Linda Beach Resort

Aruba has been under a ferocious construction boom in the last few years, and it continues to go on. The construction can be divided in four parts: condos, retail spaces, renovations and expansion.


In the last few years condos – announcements- and planned communities started popping out left and right. After most announcements, construction soon followed. Following is a quick update on some projects.

  • Oceania condo at Eagle Beach continues to build the final phases which are in very advanced stages. Furthermore, Oceania beefed up its sales efforts with by hanging a rather large banner outside the fence.
  • Pearl Condo near Eagle Beach is in the final stages and is expected to open within a few months.
  • Acqua condo near Palm Beach is in the midst in the construction. Acqua, too, hung rather large banners to stimulate sales.
  • The Cliff condo hasn’t started yet. The Cliff is another project of the same developers at Oceania. The sales office at The Cliff has since been closed. I don’t expect this one to start any time soon.
  • The Sand’s condo was one of the first condos to be announced a few years ago, but apart from building an office, not much has happened since.
  • Gold Coast Villas planned community continues to develop nicely.
  • Tierra del Sol gold community continues to develop houses. It also announced a luxury development Anabui.
  • Divi Residences is currently being developed at Divi Links Golf Course.

Retail Spaces

It seems the construction of retail spaces, has taken over the baton from condos. Construction of several shopping centers has been delivered. By the way, most projects are located in the Palm Beach area. An update.

  • South Beach Centre is a two floor food and clothing retail shopping center near Radisson Resort located in Palm Beach. Apart from minor details and parking South Beach is almost finished.
  • The Village center is a small shopping project near Radisson Resort. It, too, is practically finished and needs to finalize minor details and parking.
  • Near The Mill retail spaces are getting a makeover and paved parking. Previously the parking was on dirt road.
  • Palm Beach Plaza shopping center, near already finished Paseo Herencia shopping center, is in its final stages.

Renovations & Expansions

The last few years several resort have announced, started and completed renovations.

  • Divi All Inclusive is renovating several suites and construction is in ongoing.
  • Divi Phoenix is expanding and is adding 4 additional time share towers and restaurants.
  • The Westin completed a multimillion renovation.
  • The Mill Resort is in the final stages of the ground-renovations.
  • Hyatt recently wrapped up a multimillion all out renovation.
  • Playa Linda is renovating around the grounds.
  • Marriott Resort just announced the finalization of its multimillion renovations.
  • The Aruban Resorts renovation is ongoing and it’s looking very good.
  • La Cabana is currently renovating the south wing.
  • Paradise Beach Villas had minor renovations around the lobby.