Aruba Weather, La Cabana, Radisson Aruba Hot Deal

Aruba Sunset
Old saying: after rain comes sunshine [image by ArubaSalsa]

Yesterday morning it poured down in Aruba. The rain was too hard for me to go out with a camera. Others did though. All in all Aruba received 1.7 inches of rain yesterday morning, according to the local weather service. As a reminder, Aruba receives average 16 inches of rain a year. All is well though. Water receded in the majority of the primary roads and the sea seems to have calm down to regular proportions.

La Cabana Racquet and Beach Club is currently undergoing big changes. The resort is in the midst of an all-out renovation round. Additionally the resort is reviewing the units within its core business. After the review it appeared that the department of Food & Beverage is losing money where the owners reportedly found themselves forced to cut in that department. The resort used to be the largest one in Aruba when La Cabana Villas – now The Aruban Resort – was part of the whole complex. The majority of the bars and restaurants were located at La Cabana Resort. Since the split two years ago, La Cabana’s F&B remained the same size staff. According to La Cabana they find themselves forced to cut jobs. Layoffs in Aruba are highly unusual, especially in the hospitality industry.

Lastly, I would like to end the week with a hot deal I came across recently. Highly regarded Aruba Radisson Resort is offering ‘Early Winter Sale’. This deal includes a slashing of the nightly prices by as much as $190 per day! Click for more information ยป

Lazy Man Concurs

Yesterday I found three deals with three major airlines in United States that fly to Aruba daily. I really didn’t have to look very hard to find them either. There are many more deals out there you just need to search with the major airlines or travel sites such as, or

To add on yesterday’s post I coincidently came across a great piece written by Lazy Man (he seems anything but lazy), who is someone that has just traveled to Aruba. He offers a couple of great tips on how to save money in Aruba. A quick recap of his post:

  • Buy a timeshare (at least try to rent one)
  • Take the bus to go around
  • Rent a vehicle to go to places that are farther
  • Go to the grocery store (IGA Ling & Sons is indeed Aruba’s best) instead of the hotel’s shop
  • Go to a timeshare presentation to get some “free money” like he calls it

If you are a traveler to Aruba, I recommend his quick tips to save money.

It’s not a custom in Aruba but if it is in your country: Happy Thanksgiving.

It Costs $3000 To Get To Arashi Beach

In the last few posts I wrote about Arashi Beach and how great it is there. Now comes the key question: how much does it cost to get to Arashi Beach? Simple answer: US$3000,-

What is that? Could you elaborate? Sure. As a hypothetical case I took two adults traveling from October 13 to October 20 from Boston.

Air-fare: $1156 (2 adults, including taxes/fees) via non-stop from Boston’s Logan International.
Note: if you’re traveling from different city, more southern in the US, the air fare is probably going to be lower; if you’re traveling from a more western city in the US the air fare is probably going to be higher.

Resort: $1197 (2 adults, including taxes/fees) via CheapTickets staying at Divi Dutch Village at Druif Beach.

Food: $420 (figure according to local statistics bureau)

Transport: $102 via Toyota Rent a Car for a 3-day special, gas $25.

Other costs (tipping, gift, etc.): $100.

Grand total: $3000.

Keep in mind that above calculation is just an indication of a random itinerary. You could stay less time, stay at a different resort, rent a different car (or none), travel from another city or country, etc.

There you have it, this is what three grand could get you nowadays in the world of travel.