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Note: This page has been revised several times since it’s original posting date.

Ever since condos starting to appear onto Aruba’s real estate scene, I started to pay more attention to them and write more about them. The posts and photographs of the condos received a lot of attention from people seeking information.

The information giving process towards potential clients seems to be deficient by the developers. People don’t always want to be pushed into a sales appointment or a pushy information meeting, but are rather curious about the project and the possibilities. People are just shopping around until the perfect condo with the perfect price appears. I’ve received several e-mails by people just like that asking for that kind of information. I was ready to help out naturally. Take note, developers.

Location location location

Perhaps the oldest rule in real estate is that the location of the property must be top notch. The majority of the condos here in Aruba are planned to appear broad area of Eagle Beach or Palm Beach. The beach will be at walking distance most of the time.

It also means that such an A1 location, with a spectacular view, isn’t going to come cheaply. Be prepared to fork over more than a quarter million US dollars for a smaller unit. Judging by the fact that property isn’t available in abundance on such a small island, it is highly unlikely that the price is going to come down any time soon.

Regardless the size of the unit, they have one thing in common: they’re highly luxurious. Expect to find many amenities typical of the contemporary condo project. Some of them even offer some resort amenities.

Aruba condominiums

There are several condo projects currently under construction and others in the pipeline. If you wonder what is currently going on in terms of condo development in Aruba, I thought it would be a good idea to do the investigative work for you. For your convenience there’s a list with Aruba condo projects below. There are a few with images as well. Take note that this is not a complete list, but surely is a handy list.

List of condominium projects in no particular order:

1. Jardines del Mar

2. The Residences at Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort

3. Pearl Eagle Beach Aruba

  • Description: Small and intimate condo project consisting of 25 units, located a few minutes from Eagle Beach. Only two bedroom units available.
  • Vicinity: Eagle Beach, Hospital.
  • Status: Completed, units for sale.
  • Prices: $330,000.
  • Contact:

4. Oceania Residences Aruba

  • Description: Project of 54 units located across Eagle Beach.
  • Vicinity: Eagle Beach, Chalet Suisse, Key Largo Casino, public transport.
  • Status: Phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 completed. Phase 5 construction ongoing. Sold Out. Re-sale only.
  • Prices: Re-sale only.
  • Contact:

5. The Cliff Beachfront Condominium Aruba

  • Description: Luxury high rise condo project between Eagle Beach and Palm Beach.
  • Vicinity: Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Butterfly Farm.
  • Status: The Cliff defunct. Project rebranded to Blue Residence Club.
  • Prices: N/A
  • Contact:

6. Acqua Condominium Aruba

  • Description: High rise condominium project in the heart of Palm Beach.
  • Vicinity: Palm Beach, Moomba Beach, Paseo Herencia, Tony Roma’s, TGI Friday’s, Hadicurari, Excelsior Casino, Jolly Pirates, ArubaSalsa.
  • Status: Construction ongoing. Units for sale. Problems reported in the past with construction effort.
  • Prices: $250,000.
  • Contact:

7. Oasis Luxury Condominiums

  • Description: Small 35 unit project located near Eagle Beach.
  • Vicinity: Eagle Beach, Chalet Suisse, Key Largo Casino, Morgan’s Water Park.
  • Status: Construction near completed. (September 2011).
  • Prices: $460,000.
  • Contact:
  • Note: There are other announced projects, see below. I will put them in the list above as soon as the contours of the projects become visible.

In the pipeline:

  • Las Islas Palm Beach Condominiums (status: non-existent)
  • The Sands Eagle Beach Aruba (status: inactive)
  • The White House Condominiums (status: non-existent)

Worth mentioning:

Last update September 2, 2011
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  1. Rudolf Barlage says:

    ……..and this will be one of the newest projects on this booming island.
    Aruba’s first Boutique Resort & Condominiums, centrally located on the island.

    very private, very exclusive, luxury, wealthy people high education, high income, high standard way of living, nature minded.

    For the Caribbean a high end condominium project with a unique first class concept…….. More information about the coming developments ?…. please contact me, with regards, Rudolf

  2. […] however, that there is indeed a structured control of available land. For now there are several condo projects in the pipeline, with Oceania Residences being the most finished condo project to […]

  3. […] en que existe de hecho una estructura de control de las tierras disponibles. Por ahora hay varios proyectos de condominio a la expectativa, siendo Residencias Oceanía el más finalizado proyecto de condominio en su […]

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  6. Gabriel says:

    Kasaalba Aruba is for sale.

  7. Julie says:

    What percentage of units have been sold at Gold Coast? Why don’t they up date their website?

    • Gabriel says:

      The development of townhouses are completed and sold out. The development of condominiums has not started yet, but are sold out. The development of Villas is ongoing and units are for sale. I reckon that of the total development about 25% is finished. They have sold more than 100 units according to the developers.

      As to why they don’t update their website, I really don’t know. Some say or think “we don’t have the time” and if this is the case, they don’t understand the internet. Maybe they underestimate the importance of having an updated web presence. Thank you for the comment.

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