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The origins of the name Arashi beach are unknown. Although the word Arashi has a meaning in Japanese, it isn’t likely to be the source of the naming of this particular beach. Arashi is located in, what is nowadays, the prime real estate area in Aruba, on the most northwestern part of the island, close to the lighthouse and Tierra Del Sol Resort and Golf Community. Accessibility is extremely well; there is parking space in abundance and public transport is available.


Arashi Beach is considered by locals and visitors alike as one of the most popular beaches in Aruba. In the no-so-immediate-area surrounding Arashi there has been a considerable transformation during the last 15-20 years. More residential and resort development is predominant. Despite the change, it hasn’t disrupted the peace that prevails at Arashi Beach. Bring your snorkeling equipment; there are some nice areas where you could really use goggles and fins.


To reach Arashi by car you must take road 1a/1b. Pass all the major resorts and houses to the north. Just as you start to take the road to the lighthouse you’ll find the parking area to the left.

Public buses reach Arashi every hour (less service on Sunday); these buses are clean, safe and cheap, all in all a good alternative.

A taxi from the main resorts will take you to Arashi in a ride of about 10-15 minutes and costs about 13 dollars each way. Remember that you’ll need a mobile phone to call a taxi again; there isn’t a public telephone available at Arashi. Note: make sure you aren’t wet when taking a taxi or else they won’t take you!




Sand at the beach is soft, sugar white. More towards the water there are some small pebbles on the sand.

Places To Stay Around Arashi

Places To Eat Around Arashi


There is an 18-hole golf course, Tierra Del Sol Golf Community, in the immediate area of Arashi.


During Easter time there is a tradition in Aruba with some people to go out camping at the beaches. They bring trailers and tents and stay for one week. It might look unorganized and aesthetically ugly but they need to apply for a permit to set up camp. The location to set up camp at Arashi is actually north of the beach.

Arashi Facts


  • Length: 2.016 feet | 615 meters
  • Width: 75 feet | 23 meters
  • Area: 151.200 square feet | 14.062 square meter


  • Beach vs. obstacles: 95% vs. 5%
  • Waves: small to moderate
  • Water: very clear
  • Floor condition: smooth sand, occasional pebbles, light seaweed in certain areas


  • Wide parking area (weekends more visited)
  • 15 little cabanas (1 on parking area)
  • 6 bigger huts
  • 4 garbage bins (1 on parking area)
  • Saturday & Sunday vendor of snacks and drinks


  • 1 cactus
  • 4 palm trees
  • 2 watapana trees

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