Highly Rated Vintage Manchebo Beach Resort

The inventory and diversity of resort hotel properties in Aruba are fairly extensive. Most prominent hotels are located in either the top rated Eagle Beach area or ritzy Palm Beach. Either way, the mash-up of places to stay in Aruba is remarkable.

As remarkable as the places to stay in Aruba can be some resorts can get, some hotels don’t get the attention they deserve, in my humble opinion. Such a resort is Manchebo Beach Resort.

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Aruba Vineyard: Wine Tastes Better By The Sea

That fact that Aruba is somewhat of a tourism center is known. Our island continuously receives accolades from travelers worldwide and experts alike. Currently, in Aruba, there is a push to try to promote its culture and gastronomy, with the latter having arguably improved considerably in the last decade or so.

Today’s topic is for the oenophiles among us, or at least for the ones with a moderate curiosity about wines.

Due to a private initiative, Aruba is carefully taking its first steps into the world of winemaking with the introduction of “Adore Wines” by Mr. Luiz Videira Melatti, with locally grown grapes.

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What You Should Know About Aruba Weather, Rain, Storms, Earthquakes

It is hot, really hot on this island. But it is bearable, mainly due to the constant trade winds. Aruba runs on the weather. Weather makes or breaks any tourist destination, just like Aruba’s. This island is lucky to have amazing weather year around.

Most locals find our local weather a nuisance. In fact, most fellow islanders put effort to avoid the weather by staying indoors as much as possible, preferably in ice-cold air conditioning or alternatively in the shade. We “run” away from the weather.

Visitors, on the other side, soak in as much sun-hours as possible, bordering on to catching nasty sunburns.

In this post, I’m diving deep into Aruba weather issues revealing interesting, factual and publicly available information.

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Reboot – Part 2

Aruba Beaches blog is celebrating 10 years of existence which is why a relaunch celebration. Following, I will outline what will be coming to this website in the coming weeks and months.


This website will transition from opinion, newsy, real estate, weather related content to a more featured content, showcasing the best or quirkiest Aruba has to offer to most travelers. I will continue to feature “popular” content, but won’t shy away from featuring interesting, not so typical content that I feel deserves some attention. For instance, did you know that Aruba has a vineyard? I’m working on that piece.

Aruba grapes
Locally grown grapes for Aruba wines

The time between Reboot – Part 1 and this post, I spent, for the most part, going through 10 years worth of data about what content readers accessed most and what was accessed least on this website. Additionally, I went through old comments and emails to help me get an overview.

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Reboot – Part 1

Back in 2007 I began writing about Aruba tourism and local weather on this website and did so until 2011. It has been silent ever since…..sigh. Ten years is a long time for a website to exist, that’s for sure. Ever wonder what happened ten years ago? I did. If you are curious, check out the year 2007 according to On This Day.

The reason for keeping this website up all these years is simply because some readers appreciated the content according to their feedback.

In all fairness, I made sure to respond to most comments and emails, additionally, I made sure to update several posts in order to reflect current information.

Now I have decided to make a comeback and reboot the website. Allow me to explain.

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October Storm Forming In The Southern Caribbean, Headed For Aruba [Updated]

Storm near Aruba [image by Stormpulse]

Local weather service has issued an alert earlier today warning of potential heavy rainfall for the coming 24 hours. In this part of the world these kind of warnings are definitely unusual, causing some nervousness with some locals.

According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami this system has only 10% chance to become a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours. It’s a very slow moving storm at 10 miles per hours (16 KPH) headed west-northwestward.

NHC: “Regardless of development locally heavy rainfall and gusty winds are expected to continue over the windward islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao through tonight.” As of 7:45 PM local time I can report that it’s dry and no clouds in the sky. Will be updated if necessary.

Updates below.

Update 1 – 9:55 PM: NHC raised the chances for this system to become a tropical cyclone from 10 to 20%. Still dry in Aruba. New imaged added with computer calculations.

New calculations on storm near Aruba [image by Stormpulse]

Update 2 – 7:00 AM 25 October: NHC upgraded the chances of this system to become a tropical cyclone to 40%. It started to rain modestly this morning. New image added.

Storm potential grows [image by Stormpulse]

Update 3 – 3:37PM 26 October: System moved without the expected rain. Island is still hotter than normal, waiting for the trade winds to pick up again to cool off the island.